During my newborn sessions I focus on creating a calm and peaceful space. I offer child-led posing or lifestyle newborn photography, which means I photograph babies in natural positions that are comfortable for them, such as on their backs, swaddled, or on their sides. Most sessions are about an hour, depending on if we need to stop for feeding or diaper changing, which is completely normal and expected.  Newborn sessions are typically done within the first 2 weeks after birth, but older babies are welcome too.  

These sessions are booked as Beloved sessions. 

Lighting + Space –

Lighting plays a big role in the overall outcome of photos.  If doing a newborn session in your home, I will have you pay attention to the lighting in the rooms you wish to use and see when it is the lightest and brightest, to help determine the time of day to schedule your session.  Most people choose to use a nursery, living room, or master bedroom.  Please don’t worry about trying to make your home perfect.  If there is anything undesirable in the shot, I will move and replace it afterwards.  Many families worry that their home may not be ascetically pleasing enough – please don’t worry about that! Leave that up to me; it can be hard to find the beauty of our own spaces that we see every day. 

If you are particularly concerned, we can always book a local studio! 

Outfits – 

I have parents choose 1 or 2 favorite outfits and swaddles for their babies. We will have some photos taken of baby dressed, and I usually will take some shots of your baby with just diapers on in order to get those precious little details, such as belly buttons, feet, and legs. 

How to prepare – 

I ask that you try to have baby fed (I do understand babies set their own schedule so please don’t stress over this) and to have any of your favorite outfits or swaddles already picked out. 

Most importantly, I ask that you try to relax. I have gone through the newborn phase myself 3 times, and I know it can be exhausting, beautiful, emotional, messy, scary and every other emotion under the sun. I am not here to judge whether or not you’ve gotten to the dishes in your sink, or the laundry piled on your couch. I am here to gently and lovingly capture a fleeting time in your life. I am here to be your support person, grab a diaper, burp cloth, and listen if you choose to share your birth story and how having a newborn is going for you. 

I am here for you. 


The biggest piece with sibling engagement is patience and gentle expectations. You have all just gone through a huge life-changing event, and they feel it too. The dynamics have changed, the birth order has shifted; it can feel overwhelming and scary. I am good at finding silly ways to welcome siblings; to engage them and I do my best to fill their cup while I am there.