Worried about pushing bedtime for a late night photoshoot? Let me help ease those worries!

As a mother of 3 young children myself, I can empathize with the worries of how children will behave during a photo shoot. There is a lot that goes into picking the day, location, outfits, and just making it to the session. The last thing I want you to worry about when showing up, is your child’s behavior. My goal is to ease those worries long before you arrive.

I naturally love working with children, and over my 7 years in business I have learned many helpful skills for engaging and working with kids. I thoroughly appreciate that every child is different and love the challenge of finding what works for each child.  I understand that kids don’t always cooperate and sometimes need a moment to adjust. I am flexible and able to pivot and find creative ways to help children have fun while getting their photos taken. 

Being patient and allowing each child the space needed to engage in photos, and also have free moments to explore is key. I absolutely love spending time, getting to know your children – sharing stories, jokes or even hearing their own bubbling ideas for pictures.

I will always pause and take the time to connect and make sure each child feels heard and seen. I strive to create a fun, relaxed, light-hearted atmosphere in which everyone can soak in and allow for natural play, and enjoy being together. 

I have tons of ideas, games and techniques I use to help children feel comfortable and allow their true selves to shine through in the images we create. 

My goal is for you to leave your session refreshed, connected, and to have made lasting memories together. I love receiving messages from moms after the session about how much fun their little ones had and how they can’t wait to do photos again. 


The idea of capturing fleeting, intimate details of the current season of your family’s life is one of my greatest passions. I’d like you to pause right now… and think about what you treasure most about this current season. Is it the way your son looks adoringly at your husband, or the way your daughter’s nose wrinkles when she laughs or maybe the way your baby’s head fits perfectly in the nook of your neck?

We never know what twists and turns life has in store for us, and I wholeheartedly believe preserving each season’s unique details is profoundly important.