Family photoshoot in Mt.Rainier

Breathtaking Mt. Rainier Paradise Family Photoshoot

This beautiful family chose to have their family photoshoot session in Mt. Rainier Paradise, and the views were breathtaking! This stunning location is located on the south side of Mount Rainier National Park! It’s a bit of a hike to get to, but the views are always worth it! I’ve known the mother of this family for years and we recently reconnected. It was amazing to be able to meet her daughter and photograph her beautiful little family! Come see more of this breathtaking and sweet family photoshoot below!

Family photoshoot in Mt.Rainier park

Mt. Rainier Family Photoshoot Tips & Tricks For A Smooth and Fun Day

Mt. Rainier Paradise Meadows is always great, especially for its morning lighting. This area is also very well known for its breathtaking views and its wildflower meadows! We of course stayed on the trail for these photos because it is so important to follow the meadow preservation guidelines. This keeps the park as pristine and preserved as we found it!

Every year, the park gets two million visitors, so it is crucial that we follow the park’s guidelines and keep to the trails! And if you are planning on having your family photo shoot in Mt. Rainier Paradise, I always recommend checking out their weather page to decide what time of year you want to do your photos! They give you average monthly temperatures which are great for helping you plan!

Family photoshoot overlooking the mountains with baby

Let’s Hike The Trail Together To Get Your Own Breathtaking Family Photos, Next!

How about some family photos with some gorgeous scenery as a backdrop? Let’s do it! I’m here to capture your family in the moment and as they are so you can look back at these photos forever and remember all of the little details of this specific season of your life. Find more about me here, and if we sound right for each other, let’s get in touch!

Fun family photoshoot in Mt.Rainier Paradise

Morgan Locke Photography | A Seattle & Tacoma Family Photographer

Check out more of this family’s beautiful Mt. Rainier Paradise family photoshoot below!

Family photos in Mt.Rainier National Park
Family photoshoot in Mt.Rainier Paradise
Family photoshoot in the mountains
Family photoshoot in Mt.Rainier Paradise


The idea of capturing fleeting, intimate details of the current season of your family’s life is one of my greatest passions. I’d like you to pause right now… and think about what you treasure most about this current season. Is it the way your son looks adoringly at your husband, or the way your daughter’s nose wrinkles when she laughs or maybe the way your baby’s head fits perfectly in the nook of your neck?

We never know what twists and turns life has in store for us, and I wholeheartedly believe preserving each season’s unique details is profoundly important.