Arizona Travel Session

Traveling is good for the soul

“We travel because distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is the same. But something inside of our minds has changed, and that chances everything. — Jonah Lehrer”

I am a born and raised Washingtonian, and while I do love it here I also love to explore and experience new places. When I was growing up I always thought I would want to live somewhere else, the idea of staying in my home town was appalling. I wanted to travel. As an adult I have gone a handful places around the US and have discovered that Washington has my heart. The ocean, trees and mountains will always be home to me.

For the past few weeks I have been experiencing this urge to travel, not to any place specific just a strong urge. It feels like a little seed has been planted and I am excited to see what blooms from it, where I end up going to!

My sister in law flew me down to AZ to take the photos below. While I was there I was able to book another session (also below). I was honestly a little bit nervous because I had never shot there and didn’t know any good locations with nice lighting to go to. But everything fell into place and unfolded SO beautifully it gave me the confidence to want travel to new places with all new scenery and lighting!

We started out in their home and then ventured out to some near by mountains. It was HOT guys… literally I the 100s!


Embarrassing side note while driving to out location I was trying to buckle my seat belt and accident un did their daughters car seat, seat belt and we had to pull over, take her out of her seat to re attach the seat belt… I felt so bad and was SO embarrassed lol



The idea of capturing fleeting, intimate details of the current season of your family’s life is one of my greatest passions. I’d like you to pause right now… and think about what you treasure most about this current season. Is it the way your son looks adoringly at your husband, or the way your daughter’s nose wrinkles when she laughs or maybe the way your baby’s head fits perfectly in the nook of your neck?

We never know what twists and turns life has in store for us, and I wholeheartedly believe preserving each season’s unique details is profoundly important.