The Bloom Family

Humans are capable of truly amazing things. This strong single mama built her own tiny home while pregnant with her third baby. Building a baby alone is hard work.

I followed her building story through social media and watching her create a beautiful space for a growing family was incredibly inspiring. She modeled amazing determination and perseverance to her children. I knew photographing them in their own unique and delightful home would be perfect for them.

Being invited into people’s homes is an honor I don’t take lightly. I love documenting families in their own one of a kind home surrounded by their favorite things in life.


The idea of capturing fleeting, intimate details of the current season of your family’s life is one of my greatest passions. I’d like you to pause right now… and think about what you treasure most about this current season. Is it the way your son looks adoringly at your husband, or the way your daughter’s nose wrinkles when she laughs or maybe the way your baby’s head fits perfectly in the nook of your neck?

We never know what twists and turns life has in store for us, and I wholeheartedly believe preserving each season’s unique details is profoundly important.