About Me

I am the woman behind the lens. I am happily married to my very best friend, the joy of my life. Together we are the proud parents of three little ones who have given us both an opportunity to grow and stretch in ways we never imaged possible. We love to be together, spending quality family time doing pretty much anything, but we especially enjoy being outside on a walk in the woods.

I grew up deep in the woods and didn’t have a close neighbor until I was 13 years old; my comfort zone is among the trees. I love wandering the many trails of the Kitsap Peninsula with family and friends. I’ve gone zip-lining in Alaska, took surfing lessons in California, and one time I helped a wild deer give birth in the woods.

I have a deep passion for capturing the genuine love, joy, and connectedness of people and their loved ones because those memories can last beyond a lifetime.  

We pass through the phases of life SO quickly, and we think we will remember everything about each phase. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the way it works. I lost my brother 8 years ago, and we only have a handful of photos of him. I thought I would remember every little detail of every moment we shared, but sadly, I don’t. Time has stolen many of those precious details from me. I think pictures have an amazing ability to transport us back to the time when they were taken, to kindle our memories and keep them alive and vivid.  My passion is to capture those precious tiny details for people to hold, treasure, and share forever.

Family and Motherhood Photographer, Morgan Locke walks through the dry grass, her hair draped over shoulders